Scheduling a tattoo.

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 For those of you interested in scheduling an appointment, I have tried to make the process as simple as possible.  Here is a step by step to help you out,  I really look forward to working with new clients as much as old, so I hope this is very helpful.

1. Contact me for a consultation.  

    Text, Call or email are the easiest.  Contact information can be found on     this page.

2. Consultation.

    This can be done through phone, email or in person (which is best, but      often not practical for those traveling long distances) .  During this              time, we will discuss ideas, imagery and placement.  We will also                discuss budget and costs involved to insure you get the best piece of          art you can, without  breaking the bank or getting you divorced.

3.  Schedule 

     Depending on how long the piece will take to draw and/or availability          we schedule your appointment for soonest date available. 

4.  A few days before your appointment you will be shown the loose                version of your drawing.  We then make all suggested revisions                  before for your appointment.

5.  Receive Tattoo.

     Depending on the number of sessions, this is the part where you                receive the tattoo.

6.  Show it off.

     Go home, show it off.  You earned it. Follow the care instructions and          everything will be all right.

7.  30 day follow up.  

     After 30 days we check to see how healing went to ensure no touch            ups are needed.



SEE,  Isn't that easy?  ;)